Natalie Portman talks about her portrayal of “The Mighty Thor”

In this installment, Jane Foster will have the powers of the god of thunder. Photo: Marvel Comics | Marvel Comics

The official announcement of « Thor: Love and Thunder » raised great excitement among fans of the god of thunder by confirming the return of Oscar winner Natalie Portman to the MCU, where not only will it give life to Jane foster, but will also be the new carrier of the Mjolnir under the identity of « The mighty thor”In the same way as in the comic series created by Jason Aaron.

During a recent appearance on the show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, Portman confirmed that he has been in Australia for a time while preparing for the filming, receiving an intense amount of work to obtain the necessary physical condition to play the character.

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When asked about how much he knows about the story so far, he would reply: “No. Very little, I just try to look like an action figure ”, that would be when I would confirm that Foster, his character, will be called « The mighty thor”On the tape. She would also be questioned about a recent photograph of Chris Hemsworth, who seems to also get in shape for this installment.

« It’s from another world, » he commented Portman. “I also feel like I have no knowledge of what muscles do and how they get like this, like: does the blood drain when you use the muscles? He looks good. It’s a lot of pressure. I’m going to look like his little grandmother when I’m with him.  »

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The participation of Hemsworth Y Portman seem to be only a small fraction of what we might expect from this film, as various recent reports indicate that the scale of the film could be similar to that of a « Avengers”. Tessa thompson will resume his role as Valkyrie, while Taika Waititi, director and writer of the film, will once again give voice to Korg.

The presence of Chris pratt in his role of Star lord from « Guardians of the Galaxy”, Of which other members are expected to appear on screen. The film will feature the arrival at MCU of the actor nominated for Oscar christian bale, whose role is still unknown (possibly the antagonist). The film is scheduled for release in February 2022.