Natalie Portman shows us how to pose naturally in a shooting

Natalie Portman made her first movie at age 13, so her camera fluency has long been completely natural.

The photoshoots that celebrities go through may seem simple but they are not always. They involve hours of work in which sometimes you have to remain immobile wearing clothes and shoes that are not always comfortable or put on your best face when sometimes you do not feel quite well. Natalie Portman is a clear example of how to function perfectly, as the 40-year-old actress recorded her first movie at 13, which has given her enough preparation to pose for the cameras.

A few days ago she was seen during a photoshoot in Vaucluse in which she wore a white lace dress and some pearl accessories, natural makeup and her hair was tied up. Natalie arrived early enough in advance to stop by the makeup department and stood quite still as the last details of her hair were done to show off her face.

As a good actress who has posed for different posters and played more than 40 different roles in her career, Natalie knows which gestures she likes, which she feels most comfortable with, and also identifies the angles that she doesn’t like enough to pose like that. Depending on the session she is doing, she will be serious, tender, in love, happy or powerful … or she will make a mixture of different aspects and intentions with her gestures.

But beyond the sessions taking hours in studios or outdoor locations, she is the best example that even though she is working, she can have fun and show that she enjoys what she does. Sometimes he draws a smile on his face that authentically shows that he enjoys his profession and that is always invaluable.

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