Natalie Portman plans to settle with her family in Australia

Since Natalia Portman came to Australia to complete the filming of “Thor: Love and Thunder”, she has been very happy on this site.

It is no secret that Natalie Portman and her family are enjoying their stay in Australia a lot, because in addition to the fact that she has had the opportunity to dedicate herself to her profession, her children and husband have adopted new activities.

The arrival of Natalie, her husband and children in Australia suited them so well, that they have adapted to the neighborhood wonderfully and have shared parties and pleasant moments with their friends and neighbors.

On different occasions they have had the opportunity to take family walks to the beach, on picnics or simple walks that are visibly quite fun.

Now, the moment has come when the whole family went out in search of a house that they may be thinking of buying.

With brochure in hand, Natalie and hers went to a property in Clovelly, Sydney, which stands out for its distribution of spaces.

The house is quite under siege due to its architectural brilliance, since it is a construction that gives privacy to its inhabitants, with enough space and the ability to make adjustments to the tastes of its inhabitants.

Judging from the expression on their faces, it seems they found the exact place they had been dreaming of, it only remains to see if they decide to bid or continue their search.