Natalie Portman doesn’t neglect her family while filming Thor scenes

While her fans wondered if Natalie Portman would appear in the next Thor movie, she is already set to be Jane Foster.

Natlie Portman may not have appeared in “Thor: Ragnarok,” but he won’t in “Thor: Love and Thunder.”

Having paused to enjoy her motherhood, Natalie is ready to go back to the movies, and she will do so with a great role in tow.

She will play astrophysicist Jane Foster again, only this time she will face cancer in fiction.

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According to the comic “Mighty Thor”, Natalie will play the female version of the god of thunder, capable of lifting the Mjolnir.

While waiting for the production to reunite in Australia, Natalie and her family have already settled in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

His demanding work schedules have made him see that now is when he will be able to spend more time with his family.

That is why together they take every opportunity to eat, have fun and rest.

The last few months have not only allowed Natalie and her family to settle into their new home, but their creativity has also been unleashed.

Being in quarantine allowed him to dedicate himself to a project called “Natalie Portman’s Fables”; that is to say, “The Fables of Natalie Portman”, in which, together with her children, she has edited classic fables so that they are inclusive and do not impose gender roles.

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Although she said in October that she was just beginning to prepare to play Jane Foster in her heroine side, she has also been seen shopping for vegetables at the supermarket and sharing recipes vegans in their online show.

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Her fans are eagerly waiting to see her again, especially now that Christian bale will be the villain in the film and that Chris Pratt will appear on the scene to support her and Chris Hemsworth, like Thor.