Natalia Barulich showed her favorite part of her body and Maluma wants to try it!

Natalia Barulich was encouraged to confess which part of her body she loves the most and, by showing it, she tempted Maluma … She really wants to enjoy all that again!

Natalia Barulich he knows very well how to captivate the audience and there is no doubt that this time he was no exception. For some reason or another, the model manages to be on everyone’s lips, especially when reporting juicy postcards around the world.

She gained much more fame during her relationship with Maluma, from whom she separated mired in rumors of infidelity on his part. Time passed and both were awarded several romances and, although there were many names of the characters involved, the one that had the most weight was that of Neymar, with whom Natalia Barulich was very complicit on more than one occasion. Both have starred in a photographic campaign and they were seen so complicit that it did not take long for the exchanges of messages and likes to arrive in front of millions of followers! Hugging, upa… Natalia Barulich and Neymar tried all the possible poses and the camera recorded them sharing that good moment. Thanks to her leaking behind-the-scenes footage, everyone including Maluma himself! they were able to realize what was happening there.

In a new interaction with her millions of followers, Natalia Barulich opened the game for her fans to ask her questions and she, after selecting the easiest to answer, was doing her part.

So much so that, when asked about which part of her body she likes best, she didn’t even have to think about it. This is going to sound weird, but I absolutely love my neck. It’s super long and I feel like a giraffe »The model assured, generating the amazement of her audience.

Who is a faithful witness of this is Maluma himself, who has been seen kissing Natalia Barulich’s neck on more than one occasion.

Will this confession make you remember all those moments lived with her?