Natalia Barulich dances to the rhythm of her ex-partner Maluma

Natalia Barulich dances to the rhythm of her former partner Maluma (AFP)

Natalia Barulich dances to the rhythm of her former partner Maluma | .

The model, singer and dancer Natalia Barulich She was originally from Croatia a long time ago (a little over a year) that her relationship with the Colombian singer Maluma ended, however the fact that they have ended does not mean that any of the interpreter’s successes are to the liking of the model. leaked a video where he is dancing one of his hits.

To this day, the love triangle between Natalia Barulich, Maluma and Neymar continues to give something to talk about, especially since it became a complete scandal and controversy.

In his most recent single entitled “Hawaii” he talks about the relationship he had with the model and what happened with the Brazilian soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior better known as Neymar Júnior, he plays for Paris Saint-Germain Football Club de la Ligue 1 of France, it was said that the model was unfaithful with Neymar, something that was later verified when seeing them together when she had just finished with Maluma.

Any news related to any of these three characters immediately becomes a trend, perhaps they also like a little to attract attention because Maluma, when sharing the official video of his song, related the story he lived with Natalia.

As for Neymar, on one occasion he was seen singing this rather cheerful melody in the company of his teammates, they were all singing along with him.

None of the celebrities tend to manifest themselves in the face of this type of event, on the contrary they are usually quite discreet, and only release photographs or videos where some claim they are indirect between them.

A few weeks ago, the model Natalia Barulich shared some photographs while she was enjoying Hawaii, a well-deserved vacation as mentioned in the song by Juan Luis Londoño Arias, better known as MalumaHe decided to only share these images but specifying that where he was was on said island.

A video was recently leaked in which Barulich appears dancing to Maluma’s hit song, this at a private party, he looks very happy and enjoying the music, there is no doubt that he is not affected at all by the alleged hints of the singer , so it can be interpreted as giving a “final folder” to his relationship with the Colombian and continue enjoying his life and the pleasures that come with it.

The video quickly went viral, especially because the fact of seeing the ex-partner of one of the most successful and desired men in the world is quite striking.

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Maluma’s career began 10 years ago, he quickly began to become popular due to his songs but especially his figure and face of “pretty boy” as he is also known, fortunately he has managed to become a star of reggaeton music, pop and Latin trap.

Currently when hearing the name of Maluma (which is rather his pseudonym) millions of Internet users are excited, especially because his success is so great that it is rare to meet someone who does not know his songs or who, at least has had the opportunity to listen to any of them and even the recognized phrases.

Maluma has always been a man besieged by women, long lines would like to have him as a boyfriend, not only because he is someone important but because he is usually a gentleman who falls in love with the most tender, for years he has been known beautiful women as his couples, but perhaps one of the most controversial if not the most controversial of all is precisely Natalia Barulich, for fans of the interpreter of “Happy the 4” it is unthinkable to be unfaithful to the pretty boy.

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