This week NASA warned of the approach of five asterorids that are approaching Earth in the coming days. These have a trajectory that will pass close to the ground throughout this week, according to mathematical projections.

These asteroids are identified as 2020 MU1, 2020 ML, 2020 KJ7, 2009 OS5 and 2020 MQ2. They will all pass close to Earth’s orbit, even being visible with the right tools.

“/>Meteorite Tuesday, February 18, Mexico

(Photo; Twitter / LucaEmiliano7)

Their trajectories will approach Earth between today and Tuesday, July 14, passing around 4 and 7 million kilometers away from our planet, continuing their trips outside our orbit.

These, in addition, have sizes close to 40 meters in diameter, so NASA has not considered them potentially dangerous despite their large size. The American space agency only considers those who exceed 150 meters in diameter dangerous, so none of these pose a threat.

Due to its size and distance, it is difficult to believe that its trajectory will impact the Earth during this approach or any other they have, but it is still part of NASA’s recurring work observing, studying and analyzing the trajectory of objects that have nearby routes. to our planet.

For now, there are no known objects or bodies of mass that are large enough and have an accurate path to Earth that could cause concern about their collision with the planet. However, the study of the bodies that exist outside our planet is crucial to understand how the universe works.


Despite the fact that each time an asteroid approaches it seems the end of the world, the reality is that we only expand our knowledge of these a little more. The day that one can really impact the Earth we hope that Bruce Willis is still with us.