The new mission will take seven months to reach the red planet.

This Thursday morning NASA started the new exploration mission on Mars, through the Perseverance, one of the most sophisticated research vehicles designed by the Space Agency, which this time is accompanied by Ingenuity, a small helicopter that will work in collecting samples on the red planet.

The mission was launched at 4:50 am from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, and it will last at least one year on the surface of Mars, in order to look for signs of ancient life and collect samples of rock and earth for analysis.

The trip to the red planet is estimated to be seven months, waiting for the landing date to be next February 18, 2021, on the Jezero crater.

Last Sunday, NASA introduced the helicopter Ingenuity through a small animated video, in which its main functions are described and they wish him good luck in his mission with Perseverance.

After the publication, users of social networks showed their enthusiasm for the new research ship.

According to a report by the Space Agency, Ingenuity will conduct a technology demonstration to test the first powered flight in Mars, which has a lower gravity, about a third of that of Earth, but its atmosphere is only 1%, making it much more difficult to generate elevation.

Furthermore, it was specified that Ingenuity, It is an autonomous ship and will use solar energy to recharge its batteries and maintain an adequate temperature, during the cold Martian nights.

Through their social networks the POT He reported that the launch was a complete success and went smoothly, just as he hopes will result in the full mission.