Fortunately, soon after they managed to recover the signal and regain control of the mission to the ‘Red Planet’.

By: Web Writing

U.S.- About an hour after the rover took off Perseverance, which was declared as successful, the POT lost all kinds of communication with the ship.

However, despite the contingency, scientists from the POT headed by the deputy project manager Matt Wallace, managed to recover signals from the space vehicle and it was found that it was continuing its course correctly.

« The signal is extremely strong and not overwhelming to the sensitive receiver of the Deep Space Network, » Matt Wallace

Fortunately, the brief disconnect did not mean the end of the mission at all. They report that the Perseverance, which now lives up to its name, is in perfect condition and continues its journey to the red planet.

Through a statement, the POT He clarified that they will redouble efforts to guarantee the success of the mission.

On the other hand, the director of the POTJim Bridenstine issued a tweet in which he states that these types of situations have already been experienced in other missions, so he has experience in how to solve it.

« We had a good launch this morning, we are on course correct for Mars and the Perseverance signal is strong. We are working to configure ground stations to match the signal strength of the spacecraft, » Jim Bridenstine