NASA followers find a message hidden in the Perseverance parachute, but you have to know binary code to decipher it

It was a secret even to NASA scientists.

The arrival of Perseverance to Mars continues to talk. On Monday, February 22, they published the first video of the descent of the rover towards the surface. Then, just as the camera was pointed up, they discovered a surprise from the POT. It is a hidden message written on the lining of the parachute. ¿What does this mysterious message say?

In the first place, not everyone would have deciphered the message. The Daily Mail portal details that this was a surprise to the scientists of the POT. However, the clinical eye of social media users anticipated it. Perhaps the space agency later intended to reveal it in an information, but they were ahead of it.

The mentioned site specifies that in order to interpret the message it is necessary to understand binary code. Nobody, but absolutely nobody, knew what was written. Until, of course, the video was published and those who do understand this language began to post it on the networks.

What did the message from NASA say?

The phrase specifically said « Dare Mighty Things », which in Spanish would be something like Dare to powerful things. This would be an unofficial motto of the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the organization that leads the Perseverance mission.

Daily Mail quotes a few words written by NASA’s chief engineer, Adam steltzner, who was surprised by the speed of the users. « It seems that the Internet has cracked the code in something like 6 hours! Oh Internet, is there something you can’t do? » He posted surprised.

Experts detail that the message is written between the red and white lines that predominate in the colors of the parachute. Its design was not accidental, it always had a hidden intention.

Perseverance He has only been in his new home for six days. For now it only sends images, audio and videos. The space agency has not reported any extraordinary discoveries.