Kostas Manolas was the first player injured in the return to training for Naples. The player was participating in an individual session when he suffered a break in the semi-membrane muscle of his right leg. The newspaper ‘Correriere dello Sport’ has confirmed that the defender must remain six weeks of loss.

05/16/2020 at 18:23



A major setback at a time when players should start to pick up the physical tone after two months of trusting. Naples tried up to three times to return to training during this time, but it was not until the last few days that the footballers have been able to exercise individually.

In Serie A there is still no date set for returning to the competition, although it is speculated with the date of June 12, the same as in Spain. If this provision is fulfilled, the Greek could not return to domestic competition on his resumption.

Champions in August

In any case, Manolas would still have time to get ready to face the commitment is pending against FC Barcelona in the second leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League. UEFA hopes the match can be played in early August. Manolas, therefore, would be recovered, although this injury will alter his preparation in an important way.

It should be remembered that Naples and FC Barcelona tied (1-1) in the first leg played on February 25 at the San Pablo stadium.