Naomi Watts starring in the North American remake of ‘Goodnight Mommy’

Naomi Watts starring in ‘Goodnight Mommy’, the North American remake of the 2014 psychological thriller of the same title written and directed by Austrians Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz with the support of Ulrich Seidl as producer.

As announced in September 2018, Matt Sobel (‘Take Me to the River’) will direct this film from a script written by Kyle Warren (‘Lethal Weapon’).

David Kaplan and Joshua Astrachan (‘It Follows’, ‘Paterson’) of Animal Kingdom and Nicolas Brigaud-Robert and Valery Guibal (‘Sunset’, ‘120 beats per minute’) of Playtime Films will produce the film for Amazon Studios, which finance and also distribute worldwide through Prime Video.

The original film follows two twin brothers who wait patiently for their mother to return home after a plastic surgery operation. She arrives with her face completely bandaged and looking cold, distant and obsessive. The change in her personality will make the children wonder if the woman is really their mother or is she an imposter …

The protagonist of ‘The highest voice’ has pending the premiere in our country throughout this year of films such as ‘Penguin Bloom’ or ‘Die again’.