There is a new queen in tennis… and in sports. Naomi Osaka has ousted Serena Williams at the top of the highest paid athletes in the world. In 2019, the Japanese reached the top with a total of 34.3 million euros, counting prizes and advertising. The American, with 1.2 million euros less, now occupies the second position.

05/22/2020 at 19:41


Oscar Cubero

A very high income, so much that it has beaten a new record in qualifying annually produced by Forbes magazine. It is the highest figure achieved in a calendar year by a woman, ‘title’ that until now held Maria Sharapova, another tennis player -27.2 million euros-.

The exalted game What did the Japanese show? at the beginning of the year 2019 it has not had regularity. His victory in the 2018 US Open, in the final controversy where Serena Williams received three violations of the code of conduct, and in the AO 2019they made him assault number 1 of racket sport. The bad results have made me come down from the top but still in the Top-10, position that it currently occupies.

At 22, she is one of the most marketable athletes and has companies around the level of Nike, Nissan or Yonex. In addition, it is represented by IMG.

This classification is governed by tennis players since 1990, with Serena and Sharapova at the top since 2004.