Three finals, three titles. Performance of Naomi osaka every time he enters the advanced rounds of a Grand Slam he has only one name: perfection. The Japanese seems invulnerable when there is an important title at stake, something that she demonstrated again in this US Open 2020 after going back to a Victoria Azarenka that came to have options to place 6-1 and 3-0 in just forty minutes. But the Belarusian let that train escape and then nothing was the same again. At 22 years old and a whole career ahead of her, the only thing that can stop this player is herself. For now, with the trophy in her suitcase and, after questioning her participation in Roland Garros, the Japanese left these headlines.

– Bad start of the game

“In the first set I was so nervous that I didn’t even move my feet. I felt like I wasn’t playing, not to expect to play 100%, but at least it would be nice to be able to play 70%. In the end I felt like all this was just in my head. Already in the second set, the first thing I did was receive a new break, which did not help me either. But hey, I thought about staying positive in some way, about not losing 6-1 and 6-0. That’s where I started running. I know that in each game I will have at least one opportunity, it is up to me to take advantage of it or not ”.

– Undefeated after quarantine

“I feel like there were a lot of difficult moments these last few weeks, especially being inside the bubble. It gives you time to think too many things. I think I got through it all during my quarantine, I mentally prepared myself to win this tournament. I felt like I had worked so hard that I deserved to give myself this opportunity. “

– A special celebration

“I threw myself to the ground and began to think about all the times that I had seen great players collapse on the ground and look at the sky. I always wanted to see what they saw. For me it was really an incredible moment, I am very happy to have done it like this ”.

– Differences with 2018

“This time everything feels very different due to the circumstances we are in. This time we were not in a bubble, besides being surrounded by thousands of fans. But hey, in the end I just focus on the things I can control on the track, that’s how I did it last time and I feel like that’s what I’ve done again tonight.

– A well-used break

“They were very important months for me. It is true that my life always had comforts, I dedicated myself solely to playing tennis, until one day I arrived and won the US Open. That sped things up and since then I never had the option to slow down. Quarantine helped me buy time to think a lot about the things, about my goals, the things that I want people to remember me for. I have already entered these last two tournaments with that new mentality. It definitely helped me. “

– Personal growth

“A good example is the first and second sets that I played today. I could have easily vanished, but I really wanted to fight, I just wanted to compete. Honestly, I had no other thought in my head other than that. I wasn’t thinking about winning, I was just thinking about competing, but somehow I ended up with the trophy. I have been trying to mature for a long time, but I was not sure what process I would have to take. Finally, all the lessons I learned in life developed for me as a person. Now I am a more complete player, I am more aware of what I do ”.