Tennis is a sport where various factors come together. Loneliness, pressure, fame, maturity, frustration, or money. Sometimes a lot of money. We are talking about such scandalous amounts of money that we are even ashamed to compare them, but it is our job to rescue the latest news from Forbes, where Naomi Osaka She bursts forth portentously as the highest-paid female athlete in history in a single season. With 37 million dollars obtained in the 2019 academic year, the Japanese marks a new record at 22, surpassing old marks of Serena Williams or Maria Sharapova that seemed impossible to reach.

If we go into detail, Osaka won $ 37.4 million in the last twelve months of competition, 1.4 million more than Serena, for example. Previously, Sharapova held the historical record with the 29.7 million obtained in 2015, so the Asian tennis player’s sorpasso has not been for details, but has landed in a big way in that first position. Also the youngest of the Williams is in good health in terms of earnings, in fact, his would be the record if it had not been for the Japanese.

The full list with the 100 highest paid athletes will be announced next week, although Forbes has already been able to anticipate that, for the first time since 2016, two women have sneaked back on that list. Naomi Osaka will appear in position 29 of the classification, while Serena Williams will be in position 33. “For those people who are outside the world of tennis, Osaka is a relatively fresh face and with a great history behind”, admits David Carter , professor of sports business at the Mashall School of Business at USC. “She combines being young and bicultural, two attributes that help her resonate with younger, global audiences, so the result is the emergence of a global icon of sports marketing.”

Until now, Serena Williams has always been the highest-paid athlete in the world in the last four years, always showing an income that ranged between 18 million and 29 million. The 23 Grand Slams champion and former world number has raised almost $ 300 million throughout her career thanks to the immense number of sponsors who have accompanied her on that extensive career. However, he will not be able to celebrate his reign for the fifth consecutive year. Osaka, the woman who already defeated her in the U finalS Open 2018, is now the best friend of the dollar.

Procter & Gamble, All Nippon Airways, Nike, MasterCard, Nissin Foods, Nissan Motor, Shiseido, BodyArmor, Hyperice or Yonex are just some of the brands that have contributed their bit in recent months so that Japan has become the empress of this business, despite the fact that today the ranking shows her in the tenth world position. “Naomi is fiercely dedicated to perfecting her game on court and a lot of that improvement has to do with what she does off the field, whether it’s nutrition or hydration,” says Mike Fedele, marketing executive for BodyArmor. Just a year ago, Osaka herself confessed to Forbes: “I am really interested in seeing the young business grow and add value to this process. So I asked my team to look for brands that align with my personality and my interests. ” Of course, they can be more than happy with their work. Objective achieved.