The modelNaomi Campbellshe reaches 50 years with an accredited curriculum of scandals and controversies – “Yes, I recognize that sometimes I have a difficult time soon”, she has sometimes said – but also become an icon, first of beauty and beauty. exoticism, which exploded in the 1980s, and after a tenacious fight for the visibility of black people, for which it has also been awarded on more than one occasion. In 1988 she was on the cover of the French edition of the magazine “Vogue”, the first black model to do so.

An image of him from a few months ago, before the pandemic avalanche broke out in the West, outfitted in a white jumpsuit, mask, and gloves and pulling his wheeled suitcase through an airport terminal, he went around the world. Many then branded it as exaggerated. In the end she turned out to be cautious.

The Campbell settles in the 1950s under the sign of the pandemic without much celebration. Surely yesterday she received a lot of calls from friends of the fashion firmament, like Donatella Versace, and from many of the photographers who have helped her to be who she is, like Mario Testino.

A while ago, however, he turned his professional life around. The inaccessible, whimsical and diva model, the one who was cataloged as the ebony goddess back in the eighties, opened a window to her daily life with her own YouTube channel, in which she shows from African art to her routines and care of beauty or its food, rather scarce, everything must be said.

The woman of breaks and tears, the rebel who made way for black models on the catwalks, who did not tire of denouncing racist situations every time she had a speaker and security to do so, is still active when many others of her generation at that magazines became icons have to be content with seeing the covers they starred in in family photo albums. He wants to continue at the foot of the canyon, as he recently had. In fact, among others, he now stars in the Chanel watch campaign. And in recent years she has stepped on the catwalk on some special occasion, she who has paraded for all luxury brands.

Campbell was born in 1970 in Streatham, South London, where he grew up with his aunts and grandmothers while his mother, a Jamaican and a professional dancer, toured Europe on tours. Arguably, his professional career began when he was just 10 years old, when he appeared in the video clip “Is this love” by Bob Marley. At 15 she was already a young promise to the fashion world.

Like covers, Campbell has made scandalous headlines. She became in search and capture after attacking the driver who was carrying her in her vehicle from behind and then fleeing. She was sentenced to community work for assaulting her personal agent and later on her housekeeper, there was a time when she abused drugs … Her boyfriends have not lacked, either, from the dancer Joaquín Cortés, with whom she related there for the nineties, up to actor Leonardo DiCaprio, boxer Mike Tyson, Adam Clayton -component of the musical group “U2” -, Sheik Badr Jafar, Formula 1 magnate Flavio Briatore and actor Robert de Niro.

Seven years have passed since Campbell ended his relationship with the Russian businessmanVladislav Doronin. Since then she has been linked with actor Michael Fassbender or tobacco owner Philip Morris International, two relationships never confirmed. In recent years, the “top” recognized her relationship with the British rapper Skepta, and in 2019 rumors of romance with the young component of the group “One Direction” Liam Payne, 25 years younger than her, sounded strong.