Naomi begins filming, Ava Duvernay shares the first image

Image of the first day of filming of the series Naomi

Last week, we received the hard blow of knowing that the movie “The New Gods” was canceled by Warner. Perhaps, because he was already seeing them coming, his director Ava duvernay began to embark on other projects. One of them is the The CW series dedicated to Naomi McDuffie, a relatively recent DC Comics character.

A few weeks ago we knew that Kaci Walfall would be in charge of starring in the series, putting herself in the shoes of this character capable of traveling through the multiverse, a subject recently explored in The CW’s Arrowverse, and now Duvernay announces that the filming of the series has begun .

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Through a tweet, the director has shared an image of a person riding a skateboard inside an institute. You’d expect it to be Walfall like Naomi, but it can’t be said for sure either. For now there is only green light to record this first episode.

The series will follow Naomi’s journey after a massive supernatural event shakes her world and her hometown to the core, and once she begins to investigate what happened, her world will experience some shakes as well. In the comics, Naomi was born in a parallel dimension, she was sent to Main Earth by her biological parents to protect her from Zumbado’s wrath.

Naomi is written and produced by DuVernay and “Arrow” screenwriter Jill Blankenship. DuVernay’s Array Filmworks, in association with Warner Bros Television, will handle production, and Sarah Bremner and Paul Garnes will also be on board as executive producers. The production has also appointed Amanda Marsalis to direct and co-produce the pilot episode of the series.

In addition to Walfall, the series will star Camila Moreno as Lourdes; Alexander Wraith as Lourdes; Cranston Johnson as Buzzed; Barry Watson as Greg, Naomi’s adoptive father; Mary-Charles Jones as Annabell, Naomi’s best friend; Aidan Gemme; Mouzam Makkar; Will Meyers and Daniel Puig.