One of the photos that Nancy Pazos published to say goodbye to her mother

Nancy pazos He told, this Monday first thing, that his mother died of coronavirus. According to the journalist, it was seven months since her mother had moved into her house, and that is where she was infected. “Without having been out for a single day since the pandemic began. This disease blames. And it stigmatizes. And it is silent « he wrote on his Twitter account.

“Mom was 72 years old. And he was physically fine, although his mind had long since left us, ”continued Nancy, who heard the news while she was hosting her morning radio show on Rock & Pop, Russian roulette.

The journalist – who was replaced on the air by Carmela Bárbaro – used her Twitter account to express her feelings about and highlighted the fact that her mother has left « surrounded by her grandchildren. »

In addition, he thanked the « doctors, nurses, psychologists and all those who are working hard at the Argerich Hospital. » “They always kept me informed and contained. I know they did their best. And that they did not let him suffer. Huge thanks”.

For her part, Nancy Pazos indicated why she made the decision that her mother should not receive plasma – one of the most promising treatments against COVID-19. “I inherited from my mother an unattainable concept of ethics. It was in honor of how he handled himself in his life that, when they offered to give me plasma, after much thought I refused. Knowing that it is a scarce good and that she would have prioritized the others ”, the journalist wrote on her Twitter account.

And he reproduced the message that he sent at that time to the doctor who treated his mother. « Doc, thank you very much, but I prefer plasma to be used by people with more vitality than mom. I know there is not for everyone – warned Pazos – And the truth, my personal and civic conscience make me be convinced that there are patients who need it much more. Thank you ».

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The message that Nancy Pazos sent to the doctor who treated her mother

Then he published a photo with his mother and children on his last birthday, on April 27 – « in the middle of the pandemic, » the journalist emphasized. « That day he smiled », highlighted about the woman who died in the early hours of this Monday.

« I will miss you. Obvious. Much. And I’m sorry your life wasn’t happier. You left me the overwhelming force to be able to do everything and everyone. Because you told me the best thing a mother can give: feel the most important thing for you in the world. Thanks Mom. Until forever ”, wrote Nancy Pazos on her social networks.

Nancy Pazos with her three children and her mother, last April, celebrating her birthday

Thursday August 13, Nancy Pazos and her family decided to isolate themselves in a preventive way when they learned that a close person had been infected with coronavirus. After the swabbing of the whole family, she and her three children –from her previous marriage to the Buenos Aires deputy head of government, Diego Santilli– tested positive as did her mother who was living with them.

At that time, Pazos said that, like his boys, he had « mild symptoms, no fever and some cough. » But he had revealed that « the situation » at his home « was complex. » « We live with (a) 72-year-old grandmother with senile dementia, whom we will try to preserve as we have done before, as much as possible », the journalist had said.


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