It is a very surprising call for volunteers which was launched by the CHRU of Nancy. Marijuana smokers are needed for addiction study.

From September, the marijuana smokers in France will be liable to a fine of 200 euros. Until then, it was the possibility of ending up in police custody that awaited them. But a few lucky ones will soon be encouraged to consume the product as part of a scientific study carried out at the Nancy hospital, in Meurthe-et-Moselle.

Addiction to marijuana

It is a surprising call for applications which was indeed launched by the Nancy hospital. It is intended for subjects who must meet two conditions. First of all, wanting to quit smoking, but also consuming it more than 7 joints per week at present. Patients should also be over 18 and under 55.

Doctors want to know if they can develop a method intended to fight against addiction. To achieve this, patients will be subjected to a method of mindfulness meditation, a strategy called “Mindfullness”. They will also follow a classic problem of the fight against addictions.

Mindfulness meditation is a simple technique that can be taught to people with addictions so that they can use it on their own at home. Successfully tested in several types of addiction, its effectiveness on cannabis use is still poorly understood.

thus specify the researchers. The study will take place over a two-week period, with two hours of weekly meditation.

Those who are interested can contact doctor François Bourgognon. It is therefore possible to send your application to the following email address: [email protected], or call 0605589933 or 0632393247, details Closer.