Namajunas’ brutal KO kick to Zhang’s head in the UFC

It was seen and not seen. In the first round in the cage, the fighter Rose namajunas He only needed 1’18 ”to knock out his rival and raise his arms in victory.

‘Thug Rose’ She took advantage of a slip from her opponent, instant in which she armed her left leg, hitting hard on the side of the head of her Chinese opponent, who fell exhausted to the canvas. Smelling the blood, the Italian-American lunged at her to keep hitting her. He did it up to three times, before the referee of the fight decided that the punishment was enough and gave Namajunas the winner, at which time Zhang got up from the canvas regretting what happened and asking for explanations because she looked sad. options to continue in the fight.

“You are the best, I am the best”, they said to her in her corner and she replied, before decorating her waist with the champion belt. It was a spectacular victory, cutting short the streak of 21 wins in a row for Zhang, undefeated since 2014, and also became the first fighter to regain the UFC title, after she lost her crown to the Brazilian. Jessica Andrade in 2019, the great dominator of the female octagon.

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