Naked! Kim Kardashian shows off her figure to her fans

Naked! Kim Kardashian shows off her figure to her fans | Instagram

The famous model, celebrity, businesswoman and socialite Kim Kardashian again showed off her silhouette which continues to amaze her fans, just as she did using “leathers” in her outfit, which as always immediately caught the attention of her millions of followers on Instagram, the plus she had in this occasion was that not only shared one Photo if not, there were several.

This is his most recent publication in the application, in which he has to date 237 million followers, surprisingly two days ago he was still a million below this amount, his popularity continues to increase rapidly.

Surely at the end of this year it could easily reach 250 million followers, in the event that it continues to increase each week more than a million followers.

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In your post Kim kardashian featured in a total of eight gorgeous photos, showing off this striking new two-piece outfit in her own way.

It’s been six hours since the older sister of Kendall jenner shared these photos, so far more than two million users have reacted to their beauty, a number that we usually find in their publications.

In the images we can see Kim wearing a cute leather pants, this is black and reaches just below her waist, letting us see a little of her navel, instead of closing it seems to have only a cord as shoelaces, the design is something simple, but also striking for the material with which it is made, it also has some seams above the knees that give it a lot of view.

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Surely seeing his photos immediately reminded you of a chopper with a motorcycle Harley davidson, We see this style a lot in the outfits of motorcyclists who are characterized by using this material a lot in their outfits.

In the upper part this beautiful businesswoman was wearing a top that was also made of leather, only that it seemed to be rather animal skin or synthetic leather, just like her pants were tied with a cord at the top it seemed the reverse of a corset.


The only accessory that you can see that the ex-wife of Kanye west It was a silver necklace with a cross pendant, although it was something simple, it attracted a lot of attention precisely because of how delicate it was.

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From what can be seen in the images, Kim Kardashian was enjoying a night with friends, perhaps she went out to party somewhere, because in one of the photos some people appear behind her lining up, in addition to appearing next to her of several friends inside a place that in the background has a kind of large painting as decoration of the place.

With more than 10,8 thousand comments, some full of hearts, emojis throwing kisses and others, the businesswoman once again stole the sighs of her millions of fans although many of them do not write to her in her comment box, surely when they see her immediately they begin to sigh and also to let his imagination run wild seeing her show off her beauty and exquisite figure.

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The beautiful leader of the Kardashian Jenner clan was accompanied by her friend Tracy Romulus, La La Anthony, Simon Huck and Scott Sartiano, the five of them went for a walk since in several photos they are seen together as if they had already left the place they just arrived .

Both Tracy Romulus and La La Anthony are Kim’s best friends, on several occasions we have seen them pose together in front of the camera.

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