Nadal or Djokovic? Meet the favorite for the French Open by odds

06/10/2021 at 8:18 PM CEST

Ronald Goncalves

The link between Rafael Nadal Y Novak Djokovic has managed to transcend tennis to become one of the most historic rivalries in sport. For this reason, each new dispute that involves both of them is followed with special zeal, as will happen tomorrow with their confrontation for the semifinal of the French Open 2021.

As usual, the estimates are especially close but, according to the bookmakers, the Spanish victory is valued at 1.34, while the conquest of the Serbian is quoted at 3.05. For its part, More unexpected markers such as a 6-0 in a set by Nadal is paid at 36 euros per euro invested, Y the same result although in favor of Djokovic is at 51.0.

And it is that, at least in the first instance, the manacorí will arrive to the contest as a favorite to win the victory. Their last five meetings have been in finals and, with two wins for Djokovic Y three for Nadal, of which two were the last and consecutive, a pass to the Mallorcan final is projected. However, the global relationship of the duo continues to have the Balkan above with 29 wins and 28 losses.

However, this may 11th of June the win record is balanced when Nadal face Djokovic for him French Open, and from which the second finalist will come out who will dispute the culmination of the contest against Zverev or Tsitsipas.

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