Nadal: “Losing Wimbledon was the right decision”

Rafael Nadal It will be the great attraction of the next week in tennis key. The Mallorcan tennis player returns to the ring after several months without putting on his shoes: he does so in a totally different setting, away from his home in the paris clay to embark on a hard-court tour that starts earlier than ever. Rafa already prepares the ATP Washington 2021, for which he starts out as a standout favorite while most of the top-10 players are still reeling from the Olympics hangover. He spoke about the meeting in Tokyo at his first press conference, but not only that; He also gave his opinion on the possibility that Novak Djokovic win all four Grand Slams in the same year, revealed the condition of his foot and highlighted the future of Sebastian Korda.

Current moment and explanation of why he will play in Washington

“Right now i feel pretty good. I have had some problems after Roland Garros, for which I could not play a couple of very important tournaments for me, such as Wimbledon and the Olympics, but here I am. I’m excited to be able to be in Washington for the first time in my life, as well as playing this tournament for the first time as well. I know it has a great story. I’ve been training really hard at home, but now I need competitive filming.

I’ll still spend a couple more days training here. That’s what I need right now: play sets, practice with professional level players. I don’t know how long it will take to get it all back, but the only thing I can say is that I am here to give my best at every moment. I hope the last days of training allow me to feel competitive enough for the first round. I really wanted to go back to the States after not playing here for more than a year, especially in front of a fully packed crowd, something we haven’t seen in a long time. It’s a great feeling. “

Why have you chosen this calendar?

“My body decided for me. If I had a choice, I would never miss either Wimbledon or the Olympics.. However, I was not able to compete in these events after the clay tour – I had some problems with my foot, so I didn’t touch a racket in 20 days, it was a complete stop of 20 days. I started very slowly, training for half an hour, then a little more. I have already lived this process in full. When we looked at the calendar, my goal was to be in Washington. Here I am: that’s the most important thing to me. Playing in Washington allows me to be back on track a week earlier than I usually do on this tour. I think that missing Wimbledon was the right decision, I think it was the right thing to do. “

Can Djokovic conquer all four Grand Slams in the same year?

“Well, he has already won three. When you win three, you can win four without a doubt, right? He has already completed 75% of the way. He will also play on hard court, which is probably his best surface. Why not? It is clear that it is something very difficult. We are going to have other guys who want to win the last Slam of the season, but yes, it is clear that he is one of the clear favorites, possibly the most favorite. What he has achieved this year is, well, something incredible. We will see. I don’t know: I think he can do it, I have no doubts. “

Trainings with Sebastian Korda

“Yesterday we were training together. I think he is a young player, with a good physique, good serve and good shots from the baseline. He is a very complete player and a great boy. He will do many things in the coming years: always I have believed, from the moment I saw him play, that he will have the opportunity to become one of the best in the world. We will see, because it is always the same: I think he has everything it takes to be a top person, but the things are not easy and you must keep improving. Of course: if you ask me, I think without hesitation that it will be very big“.

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