The tennis player Rafael Nadal considers it “vitally important” to establish good habits in the sun and regularly go to the dermatologist for the early detection of skin lesions, he said in a campaign that coincides with the celebration this Saturday of the European Day for the Prevention of Cancer in Skin.


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“I have always taken care of myself physically, but I have neglected my skin without taking into account that I could be subjecting myself to possible diseases such as skin cancer”, pointed out the Majorcan player.

“Knowing of colleagues who have suffered it makes you realize that, if you do not take action, it can also happen to you. I hope I have arrived on time and start doing things in the best possible way to continue spending many hours in the sun & rdquor ; added.

Nadal thus joined the awareness campaign of Heliocare whose motto is “Leave your skin alone in what is important, never in the sun”.

“It is vitally important that in our day-to-day we establish good habits in the sun and that we go to the dermatologist, who is the specialized professional to diagnose, treat and monitor skin lesions that the sun can cause,” he said. Nadal.