Nadal, concerned about the present of Real Madrid in full final in Barcelona!

What Rafael Nadal it is on another level, no one can argue with it. Not for nothing the Mallorquin won 87 career titles and 20 of them in Grand Slam. But without a doubt, what was experienced this weekend in the preview of the final of the ATP 500 in Barcelona, makes it even bigger. It is that within minutes of starting his game against Stefanos Tsitsipás, the world number 2 starred in a unique moment with the umpire, Mohamed Lahyani.

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What happened? When the judge approached his chair and began to settle in to start the match, he had a brief conversation with Rafa, in which, Unusually, they analyzed the news of Real Madrid. Yes, minutes from the final at the ATP 500 in Barcelona, ​​Nadal had the luxury of expressing his concern for Merengue after the 0-0 draw against Betis last Saturday.

However, beyond the criticism, the Spanish he does not lose hope that his team will give him joy in the Champions League. The video, which was shared on social networks, quickly went viral and reached the main sports media in the world.

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The dialogue between Rafa and the umpire

Umpire: -0-0? Did we lose two points again?

-The League is over.

OR: Only Champions, only Champions.

: Champions only …

: What a mess. He needs scorers, buy a striker

And more things…

: More things, yes.