Nacho Vidal, happy to renew in Osasuna, which is “my second family”

The lValencian ateral Nacho Vidal has shown in a press conference his satisfaction for having renewed until 2025 with Osasuna, a club that is his “second family” and that he is in a city, Pamplona, ​​which is already his “second home”.

Vidal, who has already played more than a hundred games in Osasuna, has declared that the renewal is “another step forward in this club”, in which “I feel like one more, I feel at home”.

“You leave your city, your comfort zone, and you arrive at a place where you don’t know how you are going to adapt, you don’t know what the Second Division is like either, and I was lucky enough to arrive in Osasuna, to grow up here, to move up to the team to the First Division and, for me, it means following the path because I feel very comfortable and very comfortable here, “super proud and very happy” for the renovation.

In that sense, he stressed: “I arrived and from the first day there is a lot of humility in the club, in the people and in the city. I feel very close to that. Very plain people, who welcome you from the first minute and I felt that way in my own flesh. I feel very identified “.

“Then, it is true that, on the street with the fans, that respect, that love, that daily support seems to me to be fundamental for us footballers so that we feel comfortable, so that we can compete one hundred percent and for me that is fundamental and is appreciated “, he commented.

The club sports director, Braulio Vázquez, has pointed out that Vidal “is super happy to be here and so are we. In the end, this is like formalizing a courtship because then marriage arrives.”

“He has been with us for a long time and the will of both was to continue linked for a few more years. I think it is totally deserved and, beyond the sporting issue, as you can see, on the personal issue he has understood perfectly in the club in which it is there and embodies all the values ​​on a personal and sporting level that we seek “, he pointed out.

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