And it is a fact: Ignacio Scocco is new reinforcement of Newell’s. This was confirmed by the Rosario club through its social network accounts already started on July 1. « Nacho » had decided not to renew his contract with River to return to the club of his loves.

In this way, the 35-year-old attacker will have his fourth cycle with the red and black shirt (2004-06, 2012-13 and 2014-17). The link that linked him to the « Millionaire » went until June 30, so they waited until July 1 to announce it.

« Now if we can say it … Nacho returns! The heart rules and Nacho Scocco he knows. Happy that you are in your place again. Welcome to the Park! « Wrote » Leprosy « on Twitter.

Scocco he had already warned that his intention was to end his career in Newell’s. Now you will be reunited with the historical Maxi Rodríguez, Pablo Perez and Mauro Formica.