Nachito, Belinda’s brother, is running as federal deputy

Nachito, Belinda’s brother, is running as federal deputy | Instagram

Through a video, the brother of the singer, Belinda, announced her candidacy for federal deputy for the XV District of the Benito Juárez mayor’s office for the elections to be held on June 6, the reaction of the Spanish woman was immediate and very enthusiastic she dedicated a message to “Nachito” as he affectionately calls him.

You do not know what makes me proud to read this, you have worked so hard, I have witnessed your effort, dedication and love. I am very proud of you, you are a great man full of empathy for others.

Belinda, it did not take long to show his support for the political career that his brother has decided to undertake, it should be said that it is not the first time that the Peregrín Schüll, have shown the united relationship they maintain and this time it would not be the exception, “Let’s go with all my Nachito!”, He wrote “Beli“on your Instagram story.

In recent days Ignacio Peregrín Schüll shared a video just over three minutes in which a photograph of the new candidate of the coalition “Juntos Haremos Historia” can be seen, which is made up of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) parties, the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM) and the Labor Party (PT).

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Similarly, the 24-year-old businessman shared an image with the caption, “We young people now have to write our history.”

The new news has unleashed various comments where some opinions have been divided, while they have given full support to the younger brother of the “pop star”.

Mexico needs leaders who contribute to society with responsibility and strength, congratulations

Morena has never won in my district, I wish you all the success in the world, I sincerely hope that you will convince my neighbors that they are a bit conservative and fear change, a great challenge has Mr. Peregrin, but I do not doubt that he will win if he does one good campaign. Together we will make history

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Some comments are also read that disapprove of the political aspirations of the almost brother-in-law of the singer Christian Nodal

No, now it turns out that the shadow of Belinda is also going to be a candidate for politics, no, and surely Morena, you see that Belinda supported AMLO, said Brenda Díaz.

Because of these crap that are running as deputies, the country is as it is, please do not vote for those ignorant, “read one of the messages.

Currently, 24-year-old Nacho Peregrín is a businessman and together with his sister are partners in a chain of restaurants and songs, “La Chismosa”, of which it has several locations in various states of the republic and the United States.

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Both the now actress of the Netflix series “Welcome to Eden” and her brother, seven years younger than her, have shared their close relationship and proof of this were some images that the interpreter would share at some point on her Instagram account, same as now it has become more private with just a few images.

“Nachito” was born on August 25, 1996 and on various occasions Belinda has expressed himself as “the person he loves the most in the world” from a very young age he got used to the hustle and bustle that represented the early career in the show of the also model and influencer, who entered the world of soap operas at age 10.

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Despite this, they have always sought the time to share some moments together, proof of this was the past December celebrations in which they could be seen enjoying a beautiful family moment with their parents, friends and even the artist’s partner, the interpreter of the Mexican regional, Christian Nodal.