Getting a new breast ten years ago doesn’t seem like such a good idea today. Indeed, after the birth of her son Milann, Nabilla saw her breast prostheses are damaged, so much so that she was forced to plan a new emergency operation. “It’s a medical reason. There is nothing that will change in my chest, it will just be a little swollen at first, but after that it deflates “, she explained before moving on to the pool table. So it is in Los Angeles that she s ‘flew to do this and, if she had very few apprehensions at the start, the young woman of 28 is now in a very bad condition.

Indeed, Tuesday July 28, 2020, Nabilla finally underwent her operation, which went well, but which ultimately turns out to be very painful. On Snapchat, the next day, she gave her news. Very weakened and visibly defeated, she confides: “I’m knocked out, I’m in too much pain … I’m completely in the dark, it’s 5am … I’m in too much pain.

Nabilla unable to get up

Recognizing to be completely “high” by the drugs she takes, Nabilla can no longer take care of anything on her own, even the simplest task: go to the toilet. It is therefore her husband Thomas Vergara who is responsible for supporting her, which is obviously very tiring for him. “I have to go pee, but Thomas is sleeping, I have to wake him up … Besides, he came home not long ago, he was with our son. And my mouth is swollen, I don’t know why, I’m at the end …“, she laments before waking up her other half, serenely asleep next to her in her luxury hospital room.” It hurts too much, baby, I swear to you, I’m screwing, you don’t go back to sleep … “, she begs him.”I wake him up every hour, he can take more, I drink I don’t know how many bottles“, she says amused. But Nabilla then quickly loses her smile when it comes to getting out of bed. On the verge of tears, she repeats several times that she is” in too much pain “.

She will take a little time to get back in shape since, according to her doctor, she will not be able “to wear anything for a month and a half”. A big disappointment for the pretty brunette who was afraid of not being able to take care of her baby properly. Fortunately, she has planned everything and surrounded herself well so that he doesn’t miss anything. Without forgetting Thomas, his great support.