Surprise for Nabilla fans! Today she reveals to us in a story on Instagram her new haircut: glued braids.

Surprise for Nabilla fans! She reveals us today on Instagram her new hairstyle.

And yes, the beautiful Nabilla has again completely metamorphosed. She decided to change her hairstyle!

Since Nabilla has her own cosmetic brand, she regularly changes hairstyle. Coincidence?

Indeed, the young woman had already opted for short pink hair or long blonde hair. Today, she reveals herself with a whole new style that we like a lot!

New cut for Nabilla

While Nabilla shares her day with us on Instagram, it was impossible to miss this new detail! His haircut change !

Indeed, the beautiful brunette shared with us as usual many stories. We see her go with her sweetheart to the Dubai mall to collect the famous pair of Dior x Air Jordan!

Besides, we totally fall for this pair of limited edition shoes ! Not you ?

Suddenly, Nabilla while filming herself, unveiled to internet users her new hairstyle! The top!

Indeed, she opted for a new change. This Saturday September 11, she posted several videos on her Instagram account which allowed us to observe her new cut!

Milann’s mother therefore unveiled her brand new haircut. And this last one did not miss shock his fans.

The reason ? She opted for sublime braided duvets !

We we love ! Not you ?

She also takes the opportunity to post us a family photo on the beach. Accompanied by Milann and Thomas, we see her radiant with her new hairstyle

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