A few days ago, Nabilla had an emergency Coronavirus test with Thomas and their son Milann. Find out the test result in this article.

As we arrive at the second wave of Covid-19, the toll of personalities affected by the coronavirus continues to rise. Lately, the striker of the Blues and PSG, Kylian Mbappé, has also tested positive. An anxiety-provoking climate that Nabilla and Thomas experienced up close. Indeed, the two lovebirds spent a stressful day in the hospital to take a test to find out if they were infected with Covid-19.

A contaminated friend?

The parents of little Milann suddenly learned thatone of their friends, which they had just hosted was with Coronavirus. A situation that completely panicked Nabilla, very worried about the result. She also burst into tears on Snapchat following this announcement. Tarek and Camélia also passed the test as well as little Milann. While waiting for the verdict, Nabilla had her home disinfected by a specialized company. Then, she cooked a potion supposed to beat the virus… to reassure herself. We let you discover below the video of Nabilla very anxious at the idea of ​​going to the hospital:

“We are all negative”

It is with relief that the pretty brunette spoke on Snapchat:

We have just received the Covid tests, we are all negative! No detected for everyone. For Milann, me and Thomas, for everyone.

A sequence that greatly reassured his fans who showed themselves very worried for the influencer star. On the other hand, his brother and his girlfriend have still not received their results. We also wish them to be negative. More fear than harm therefore, for the wife of Thomas Vergara who recently experienced major health problems following her breast operation which had gone badly… Moreover, in a completely different register, know that Manon Marsault and Nabilla Benattia are have become very good friends since the Tanti moved to Dubai.