The Dominican model and dancer Nabila Tapia made the decision to remove her buttock implants, which she says proceeded to please Don Miguelo, while she lamented that « it is a very strong process », since it is not known with certainty how they will turn out. after removing the substance.

« I have already had three surgeries, one of them has almost cost me my life, in the penultimate one I spent almost fifteen days internally, passing blood and iron through intravenous lines, » Nabila confessed to the « Sal y Pimienta » program, which is broadcast on the Univision chain.

Then he added: « It was a lot of immaturity and ignorance because when I was going to commit that madness that I committed in 2016, I advised myself, I went to clinics and everyone told me not to do it because I didn’t need it. »

The finalist of the contest « Nuestra Belleza Latina » explained that the decision to augment her buttocks with biopolymers arose to please her daughter’s father (Don Miguelo) and that after the alleged arrangements were made, her real ordeal began.

« I started to have bumps on my lower buttocks, it was difficult for me to make the decision to remove the biopolymers because it is something that you have to think about very well and you have to go to the help of psychologists because you don’t know how your buttocks are going to be left « , expressed the model.

+ In Our Latin Beauty

Nabila was the first option before Clarissa Molina to participate in Nuestra Belleza Latina VIP, in 2016.

The young woman was going to participate in the reality show representing New York City, but when she became pregnant with her daughter Living, she had to cancel.

« It was very fast because I remember that my relationship with Don Miguelo started in September and by October I was pregnant, I was going to be in our VIP Latina Beauty and I had to cancel due to the arrival of Living, I had already done the filming with production in New York, everything was almost ready. But I don’t regret it because my daughter is everything to me, that girl is my world, « said Nabila.

Regarding its separation from the urban exponent, Don Miguelo, the dancer stated that infidelities It was what ended his relationship, because although he was having a relationship with her, the artist had been unfaithful to him on more than one occasion and had children out of wedlock.

« I was just pregnant, he had about three children out of wedlock, it wasn’t even because of the children, it was because of taking care of some illness. I lost confidence in him and I reached a level that I didn’t feel sure of myself », manifested to « Salt and Pepper ».

Nabila also let off steam and spoke about the lack that the father figure makes her in her life, because her father died when she was only six years old and this has done her a lot of damage, because growing up with the lack of her father, the model He confessed that he was trying to fill that void in other ways, but in recent months he has been seeking help to overcome his trauma.