‘Mythic Quest’ will have a special episode on Apple TV +

Mythic Quest: Feast of Crows It was one of the big surprises of 2020. We talked about the original comedy series of Apple TV + that follows the story of a video game studio to succeed in such a difficult market. Although the eyes of his followers are focused on the second season, whose premiere is scheduled for May 7, 2021, those from Cupertino reported that they will launch a special episode.

Everlight, as they have named the additional chapter of Mythic Quest, will be Available April 16 on Apple TV +. It was directed by Rob McElhenney, who is also a producer and star. In addition, the script was the responsibility of actress Ashly Burch, who curiously will debut in the role of Rachel in the second season. We must not forget that behind the franchise is Ubisoft, one of the largest video game companies in the world.

Mythic Quest will explore the “new normal”

What can we expect from “Everlight”? In fact, it will address a situation that many companies and employees will face in the coming months: return to the office amid the “new normal”. «It is a special episode that addresses the practical and emotional difficulties of returning to normalcy. He is full of hope, joy and optimism for a bright future, ”McElhenney declared. For the production of Mythic Quest, it was essential to address this issue before starting Season 2.

The episode, of half hour long, will show the studio members celebrating Everlight’s annual party. For their part, Poppy and Ian will manage to favor an underdog gamer in an RPG tournament. In addition to the appearance of the usual Mythic Quest protagonists, also we can hear the voice of Anthony Hopkins himself, one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Mythic Quest offers us a special episode. In the past we could already enjoy “Quarantine”, which became one of the audience’s favorite chapters. In addition, it was recognized as one of the best productions made during the pandemic. So that, “Everlight” will serve as a transition to the second season., because these episodes will take place after returning to the office.

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