Mylène Farmer is the star of the next Amazon Prime documentary available on September 25, 2020.

On September 25, Amazon Prime Video will unveil an exclusive three-episode documentary on Mylène Farmer’s latest show with commentary for the singer herself. According to the press release unveiled by the streaming platform, the documentary directed by Mathieu Spadaro and produced by Stuffed Monkey is “like an unprecedented immersive journey into the creative universe of the artist” because “for the first time, Mylène Farmer has agreed to unveil their creative work in complete privacy “. A great first for the 59-year-old star who has built his career and his image as an icon with silences and interviews given in sparks.

And for good reason, Mylène Farmer is a true legend of the music industry. The singer is one of the few artists who can afford to take a six-year hiatus and come back with an album that has sold more than 200,000 copies as in 2018 with Disobedience. A success that has lasted for 32 years since Mylène Farmer was revealed in 1984 with the title Mum is wrong.

Before Mylène “Farmer”

Before becoming an international star and an icon, Mylène Farmer was Mylène Jeanne Gautier. The latter chose the name Farmer at the start of her career in tribute to the American actress Frances Farmer. Born September 12, 1961 in Pierrefonds, Quebec, she is the daughter of Max Gautier, engineer of bridges and roads and Marguerite, administrative secretary. The interpreter of Sans contrefaçon is the sister of Brigitte, Jean-Loup (who died of a car accident in 1996) and Michel. Mylène Farmer regularly visits quadriplegic children at Garches hospital. At the time, the young girl dreamed of becoming a riding instructor in order to create a riding center for disabled children. Ultimately, fate will decide otherwise and will make her one of the biggest stars of this generation.

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© Veeren Ramsamy-Christophe Clovis

2/9 –

Mylène Farmer
Mylène Farmer leaves the Haute-Couture Spring / Summer 2020 fashion show “Jean-Paul Gaultier” at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris on January 22, 2020.


3/9 –

Mylène Farmer in Paris, October 13, 2017
Mylène Farmer during the funeral of Jean Rochefort in the Saint-Thomas d’Aquin church in Paris, October 13, 2017.


4/9 –

Mylène Farmer and Sting
Mylène Farmer and Sting at the 17th NRJ Music Awards 2015 at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, November 7, 2015.


5/9 –

Mylene Farmer is 59 years old
Mylene Farmer at the opening night of the Cite du Cinema in Saint Denis, France, September 21, 2012

© Guillaume Gaffiot

6/9 –

Mylène Farmer in Cannes
Mylène Farmer on the NRJ Music Awards red carpet.


7/9 –

Mylène Farmer at the Élysée Palace
Mylène Farmer at the Élysée Palace for a dinner in honor of President Medvedev.

© Guillaume Gaffiot

8/9 –

Mylène Farmer on the NRJ Music Awards red carpet
Mylène Farmer in Cannes.


9/9 –

Mylène Farmer in Venice
Mylène Farmer at the Giorgio Cini Foundation dinner in Venice in 2007.