“My wish is for Messi to finish his career at Barcelona”

Pep Guardiola has repeated, this time after announcing its renewal until 2023, that its wish is that Leo Messi finish your career in the BarcelonaAlthough the Argentine can be released in summer and would like, already in the previous market, to leave the Blaugrana club.

«My wish is that Messi ends his career there. I would like to see him retire at Barça. It is my opinion as a Barça fan. In our head we only have incredible goals, things that we would like to achieve, “he said at a press conference.

A wish that Guardiola had already expressed previously But that, in Messi’s current situation, who could negotiate a contract with another team from January on and go free at the end of the season, takes on new importance.

«This year his contract ends and I don’t know what will go through his mind. Right now he is a Barça player, and the transfer market will be in June and July. Messi is a Barcelona player », he stressed.

In addition, he recalled the respect and affection that he has for Barça. «I thank you very much for what Barça did for me, both at La Masia as a youth squad, as a player and later as a coach, Barça gave me everything, “he recalled.

On the other hand, on its renewal and objectives for this year, assured that he does not think “much” in the titles. “It would be good to repeat what we have done in the last three years. I’d say it’s difficult. We think week by week to do it well game by game, we’ll see what we deserve at the end of the season, “he said.

«I am very grateful to the club. I want to thank you for renewing my contract, you are the reason I am still here. They have given me a lot in these four or five seasons. We want to continue to do our best, “he said about its recent renovation.