“My renovation is on the right track”

The Real Madrid midfielder, Luka Modric, wanted to make it clear at the press conference to the match against Athletic that his renewal “is on the right track.” Although he did not want to reveal many details, everything indicates that the Croatian player will continue to wear white for another season.

On the other hand, he made no major objection to the training procedures he carries out this season in which he is offering such a good level.

He also wanted to confess that he maintains the confidence that his teammate Eden Hazard shows the level he exhibited at Chelsea and stated on the eve of the premiere in the Spanish Super Cup, that “he will show what a great player he is.”

“Eden has not had continuity due to bad luck with injuries, they are reasons why it has not been able to show its best level, the one that we all know from Chelsea and that for a few moments it showed at Real Madrid when it was ‘fit’,” he said Modric at a press conference in Malaga.

“Eden is a great player and I think he will show it at Real Madrid if he doesn’t have any more injuries. It will show what a great player he is and that he has come to help the team win titles. He has qualities to do it and he only lacks the continuity that he has not had until now ”, he added.