I’m Patricia Cumplido Muñoz, drummer for the Hill Country Blues duo, and The Hill Frequencies, along with Hot Nasho (vocals and guitar), a well-known artist in the blooming scene in Spain. Last August we released our first album, last August, “4000 Miles from Mississippi”, an EP with 6 original songs based on this particular blues style, like the one made by RL Burnside and Junior Kimbrough, and which Cedric Burnside and the North Mississippi Allstars continue, for example. We are currently making the presentation of the album and we will continue this year 2020.

First record purchased?

Well, my first album bought was “The Miracle” by Queen, in a record store that existed in Marbella, which was called Disco 2000, which closed more than 15 years ago. In my teens, I have to say, I really enjoyed listening to Like a Prayer by Madonna, and currently, when I listen to it, I still enjoy it because it brings back very good memories of that time, so it could be said that it is my guilty pleasure !! Jjjiiijjji

Vinyl or CD?

Well, I have a plate to listen to vinyl at home and a CD player I only have in the car, so depending on where I am, one or the other format suits me.

Last purchase?

My last purchase was “UP AND ROLLING” from the North Mississippi Allstars.

Favorite album to cheer you up?

My favorite album to cheer me up is “ELECTRIC MUD” by Muddy Waters. I love!!

Disco when you’re nostalgic?

My album when I’m nostalgic could be Grand Funk (Red Album) by Grand Funk Railroad, because it makes me disconnect from what makes me sad and focus all my senses on Don Brewer’s drums !!

What would sound like at your funeral?

Phew, what would it sound like at my funeral? Well, I would like to give an energy injection to everyone who was saying goodbye to me, and to be remembered with joy, so I would want it to sound at full volume, “GOING DOWN” by Freddie King.

Favorite soundtrack?

My favorite soundtrack is from the movie Black Snake Moan, from which I also got a great and pleasant surprise when I heard Samuel L. Jackson sing.

Where do you listen to the most music?

The place where I listen to the most music is the car. As for now, I cannot live on music alone, I have a full-time job from Monday to Friday, which forces me to travel a lot, so my hours by car, I spend listening to music.

10 records that you would never part with and why?

The 10 albums I would never part with other than the ones I’ve already mentioned above are: “Pushin ‘my Luck” by Robert Belfour, “Benton County Relic” and “Descendants of Hill Country” by Cedric Burnside and Cedric Burnside Project respectively, “Burnside on Burnside” and “Too Bad Jim” by RL Burnside, “Most things haven’t worked out” and “You better run” by Junior Kimbrough, “Goin´Down South” by Calvin Jackson and Mississippi Bound, “ World Boogie is coming ”and“ Hill Country Revue ”of the North Mississippi Allstars, all of them because they are my goal to achieve, since they have taught me and with whom I continue learning, the rhythms and drum fills, in the Hill Country sound Blues of the Mississippi Hills.