We have ten new songs from My Morning Jacket as one of the few pleasant surprises of this period of compulsory quarantine. A release that would not have occurred if it were not for the forced closure, since Jim James revisited the sessions that gave rise to The Waterfall (2015) as he went for a walk and found “Spinning My Wheels”.

Good news for a great band that has no plans for their future.

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Those of Kentucky have a frontman with a great solo project, who just last year released an album with an orchestra, and the quintet has not been characterized by sticking to a defined plan about its musical legacy, with very occasional releases and even fewer concerts, although live it is worth the wait.

In full closure, James revisited the 2014 sessions recorded at Panoramic House, and decided that it was a good time to make them known, in a world that yearns to be better and rely on hope. And as a sample, they present a topic about feeling someone, something that we miss today and that perhaps we would not have questioned before.

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As with all the second parts, the question with this album was if it could be sustained alone or if it needed its predecessor to live, and fortunately it manages to have its own space. The album is sustained by a very peculiar hope, with a wide and balanced sound palette, with the constant prominence of distorted guitars and keyboards. And of course, Jim’s timbre in his characteristic screams.

Perhaps James considered that songs such as “Climbing The Ladder” or “Run It” help this period, since the themes about not worrying, combined with even danceable rhythms, are a soundtrack in the running of the bulls.

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On their past seven albums, the band found the formula for their songs to be introspective, heartfelt, and painfully empathetic. Whether it’s the careful distortions, the acoustic progressions, or James’ screams, it’s a band with broad themes, exploration of the human condition, and a great deal of handling of the emotions that touch, sadness or joy are transmitted without hindrance in Jim’s words and the musicalization of the quintet.

This nostalgia reaches its maximum in “Beautiful Love (Wasn’t Enough)”, where the band’s words about a certain beauty after the loss materialize in song. Guilt and similar feelings are released in this song, as a confession to end a relationship, and is the most relevant of the album.

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The first part of The Waterfall did not lean as much on digital sounds, and kept a more natural sound, with lingering themes about maturation, personal growth, and life’s tough times. For this installment, they rely more on synthesizers on songs like “Magic Bullet” and “Wasted”, which is the most experimental track on this album.

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Of the ten songs on the album, “The First Time” had already been released, musicizing the Roadies series by Cameron Crowe. “Magic Bullet” had been released in 2016. Finally, “Welcome Home” had already been played live by them, and was part of an EP from 2011.

My Morning Jacket and his new album

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Tucker Martin (Modest Mouse, The Decemberists) helped them in the production of these ten songs that were accomplished in the original session that gave birth to The Waterfall, in which Jim James makes evident a recent love failure, the closing of a relationship. The concept of the waterfall is based on flowing and continuing, perhaps as an aphorism to find peace one day.

See My Morning Jacket YouTube Tracklist:

01. Spinning My Wheels

02. Still Thinkin

03. Climbing The Ladder

04. Feel You

05. Beautiful Love (Wasn’t Enough)

06. Magic Bullet

07. Run It

08. Wasted

09. Welcome Home

10. The First Time