My life with Amanda‘(distributed by La Aventura),’Britt-Marie’s new life‘(distributed by Sherlock Films) and’An unforgettable summer‘(distributed by A Contracorriente Films) are the next news from the Virtual Cinema Hall. These three titles are thus incorporated into the premiere films that can be seen on at the normal cinema entry price: 6.95 euros.

The initiative of A Contracorriente Films is a space created together with more than 80 cinemas adhering to the initiative so that the public, from their homes and through their mobile devices (televisions, computers, tablets or phones), Smart TV and Online, you can see the film premieres scheduled to be released in conventional cinemas during these dates, whose activity level continues to be practically nil during these weeks.

The Virtual Cinema Room is available on the website itself and in the Android App, Android TV App, Apple TV, IOS (with AirPlay) and in the App for iPhone and iPad. Amazon Fire TV, LG TV and Samsung Smart TV will be added soon. Users can rent the film at, and play it on the website itself or through the aforementioned applications (Apps), for 72 hours and up to 4 devices.

Selected at the Venice Film Festival and nominated for the Csar Awards for Best Actor (Vincent Lacoste) and Best Soundtrack, ‘My life with Amanda‘is the third feature film by the French Mikhal Hers. This family and collective story, which will premiere this Friday, May 29, is a captivating exercise on the search for understanding in times of adversity and lack of references.

Amanda’s childhood, a seven-year-old girl, passes with absolute normality in Paris. When her mother dies in a brutal attack, the only one who can take care of the little girl is her uncle David, a twenty-something loner and dreamer who lives in the present and who until now has avoided making decisions that compromise him.

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Britt-Marie’s new life‘is directed by actress Tuva Novotny (‘ Borg / McEnroe. The Movie ‘). The film, which will be released on June 5, is based on the novel by the same author of ‘A man named Ove’, Fredrik Backman, and stars Pernilla August (“Star Wars” saga) and Peter Haber (“Millennium” saga). “).

‘Britt-Marie’s New Life’ tells the story of Britt-Marie, a 63-year-old woman who leaves her husband after 40 years of marriage, and is forced to reconsider her life and break old habits to meet up with The real world. Britt-Marie ends in the miserable city of Borg, where life seems to be over for the few people who still inhabit it. However, there may be a second chance at life and it may never be too late to start living.

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An unforgettable summer‘is a family adventure production written and directed by Sharon von Wietersheim. The film, which will be released on June 12, is an update of the popular German film saga “Immenhof”, released in theaters between 1955 and 1974. It stars actress and model Leia Holtwick, Max von Thun or Valerie Huber, among others.

After their father’s death, three sisters (Lou, a sixteen-year-old girl, Charly who is in her early twenties, and Emmie, who is a girl) must keep Immenhof, the family horse farm, afloat. Together they will have to overcome all kinds of adversities in order to keep their beloved home, bankrupt. The key is in a beautiful race horse.

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