Five months after losing to Jan Blachowicz by KO in the first round in the UFC, Corey Anderson details his recovery. It does so with a Facebook post that has surprised more than one.

“It has been a long way back … BUT we have never left, we are back!

“On February 21, after my last fight, I passed out and smashed my face against a gravel road after hours exploring a highway. I spent five days in the ER doing numerous tests and blood tests to find out what happened.

“I saw a long list of different doctors. all but one said I suffered a concussion from lack of food and water after walking through the woods for hours. A doctor said that my heart had stopped beating and that it could happen again, but next time in a fight !!

“Instantly my wife’s face changed and my emotions turned upside down. I got mad at the doctors because inside I was scared. I had to make many trips to the New York hospital to meet several different specialists. All to do many more tests and perform two very painful outpatient cardiac procedures to find more evidence..

“A doctor said that I had to stop my race completely until I found out that my heart was healthy to compete. Last Monday night, I left the hospital after my last procedure, with a note that said: ‘Congratulations Mr Anderson, I can let you hit people again’.

“After my fight, the athletic commission and the doctors weren’t able to do the right thing after the checkup and I went back to living life as usual. And I paid a very high price !! These five months and the current situation in the world have put MANY things in perspective. And as a veteran fighter, who in the past has competed with tough guys without any medical concerns, I have to keep fighting.

“I advise other fighters to take care of their health and take adequate time to recover. I had to have my son sitting there looking at me in a hospital bed to realize that there is a real life beyond fighting and that I want to enjoy it. Fight smart, train smart, but get smart and rest smart too !! Use your head while you have the brain to do it. “