It seems that the adaptation of video games to the television format. A few days ago we knew the announcement of the project to bring the world of Fallout to the small screen; It is well known that HBO is developing a series based on The last of us while the animated series of Cuphead Netflix recently released a preview. An unexpected guest now joins this list: My friend Pedro.

The indie action game developed by DeadToast Entertainment and published by Devolver Digital would be ported to television in a half-hour episode drama of R classification, this is for over 18 years. The project would be a collaboration between Legendary Television, DJ2 Enternainment and 87 North Productions as pointed out by The Hollywood Reporter.

The person responsible for the adaptation would be Derek Kolstad, the co-creator of the franchise John wick, the hit movie series starring Keanu Reeves. Precisely this idea when it comes to showing and choreographing the action scenes makes the choice of Kolstad more than adequate for a product like My friend Pedro which also stands out for showing a type of « artistic violence » that draws heavily on influences such as the heroic Hong Kong bloodshed and the oriental action cinema usually.

It also participates in the production DJ2, the Dmitri M. Johnson company that produced Sonic: the movie which premiered earlier this year on the big screen following a complete redesign of the hedgehog after receiving harsh criticism from fans when it came to airing the first trailer. DJ2 are also working on the television adaptation from another recent video game: Elysium Disc whose port for Nintendo Switch is still under development. For its part, 87North is the producer of David Leicht, co-director of John wick. Mike Wilson, one of the founders of Return Digital will serve as executive producer. In any case the project is still in development and at the moment no chain has purchased its emission rights.

My friend Pedro launched last year to Nintendo Switch (here our analysis), PC and consoles and tells the story of a man amnesic who must shoot his way through the underworld in search of his memories and with the only help of a smart talking banana named Pedro. It is certainly a story that deserves to be seen on screen.


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