Miami Florida.- In interview with Zabalive, Rodolfo Pizarro was not decided by Chivas or Monterrey, but the player assured that his destiny is to return to the Sacred Flock and told how his departure from the team was.

Questioned by the youtuber about which team he would like to return to, Rodolfo Pizarro left for Chivas.

My destiny is marked for me to return to Chivas, I feel that I can return there, for everything, ”declared Pizarro.

The footballer of Inter Miami He remembered that he had been there for a year and a half, but pointed out that a year earlier, Matías Almeyda mentioned to him that Monterrey wanted him, because he had already paid, but he did not leave and when Chivas was financially ill, he learned that it had been sold.

In Mexico, it is very typical that they sell you first and then they ask you if you want. First they make the deal, in Pachuca the same thing happened to me, they told me that they had sold me to Chivas, ”he declared.

Pizarro stated that when he was sold, he was one of the most important players of the rojiblanco club, he had just been champion.

“I remember that (Paco Gabriel) was from Anda and he said to me one day‘ I help you not to go to Monterrey, tell Higuera that you don’t want to leave, “he said.

Pizarro pointed out that he couldn’t say that, because another door was closing.

For a video call, the soccer player indicated that he had prepared a speech, to convince the management of Chivas if he stayed, or if he left, it would be to Europe, but not to another Liga Mx team, but they mentioned to him that “he was not going into plans” and had been sold.

Pizarro pointed out that Chivas She is not represented by the board as a whole, but by the fans, 70%, and she remembered when a minor was crying, asking her not to leave.

The truth was hard, surprising, no one expected it. If you put yourself in my place, they say to me ‘you don’t go into plans, go away’. I will not be in a team where they do not want me, where I do not enter into plans, ”he declared.

Pizarro added that if he hadn’t left, by not going into plans with Chivas, maybe he would play for the U-20 team.

The player pointed out that by not giving an answer to Paco Gabriel de Anda Regarding his position, the then manager told him that he would not support him.

On arrival at Monterrey, The footballer knew that he had to start from scratch, and initially things did not work out for him, the goal came, until the eighth game.

With Chivas, Rodolfo Pizarro won MX League, Mx Cup and Concacaf Champions League.

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