“My dad left me”: Carlos Vives cries, he left this Tuesday

“My dad left me”: Carlos Vives cries, left this Tuesday | Instagram

“My dad left me”, the singer Carlos Vives of Colombian origin, undoubtedly lives one of the saddest days after the unfortunate news of his father’s departure was released.

Luis Arellano Echeverria, father of the famous promoter of cumbia and vallenato, Carlos Vives, lost his life at dawn this Tuesday, according to the details that the Colombian press released, it was his family and loved ones who accompanied him until his last hours, after several days of agony when dealing with a strong health condition.

For him “Grammy award winner“It is an irreparable loss and it was through a recent publication that remembers and shares his sorrow for firing the being who gave him life and for whom today his departure to heaven cries.

When it was born it was so beautiful that they asked to borrow it from my grandmother Elena for the living cribs. So much so that until the last day his closest friends kept calling him “Nene Chu”.

“I feel helpless again”

And today, Easter Monday, my dad left me. And I feel helpless again like the first time. I see him leave his house never to return and my soul breaks and I realize that everything I have been has been for him: actor, singer of vallenatos, athlete, Union fan, philanthropist …

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Maybe so he would feel like we had never parted. I know that he will live eternally in us, his children, in our family, in our friends, in our city. And that we will always remember him with that child’s smile that accompanied him all his life.

It has been the native of Santa Marta, Colombia who has given a farewell message to his father through a video in which various images appear that show the one who in life was his life teacher and father, Luis Echeverría, whom he points out. they still called him “Nene Chu”.

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Among other reports, it was learned that Mr. Luis Echeverría, father of the interpreter of “The cold drop”, left at the age of 91, had a delicate health time so his relatives and particularly his children dismiss him with great honors for great man who was

With much pain in my heart, I dismiss my uncle Aurelio Vives, an exceptional human being and a respected doctor for his admirable vocation of service, “said former Governor Luis Miguel Cotes.

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During his life, Don Luis Echeverría was a respected otolaryngologist, in addition to Carlos Vives he also had three more children, Juan Enrique, Guillermo and Luis Francisco, who have also manifested themselves before this sad moment.

Dad thanks, just thanks. In debt forever, I know you are with God because you deserve it. I love you, today, tomorrow and forever. We will see us again. Fly high, dad “, were the words that Juan Enríque Vives, son of the doctor and brother of Carlos Vives, dedicated to the outstanding father, according to the Heraldo de Barranquilla

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The renowned figure of music and entertainment, Carlos Vives, was a son who grew up admiring his father and took some examples from him, his recent words are an example of this but he would also reveal to the EFE agency: From him I would learn to be flexible with life and absolute respect for women:

He was raised by a woman and was clear that they are not only as capable as men, but in many ways they are better.