John Hoffman confirms it before the cameras, the Mobile World Congress 2021 will return to Barcelona, ​​it will be held even if it has to move dates and 75 of the 100 largest companies in the industry have already signed their presence

It is official and it is emphatically confirmed, yes there will be a Mobile World Congress 2021 and yes it will be held in Barcelona. In fact, it was that it was official for a few weeks, although nobody had just believed it with all the logical uncertainties, but the interview that John Hoffman has given to TV3 a few minutes ago he has eliminated doubts and rumors at a stroke.

And yes, the CEO of the GSMA, organizer of the event, has traveled to Spain for the first time after the cancellation of the most important annual event in the mobile industry, and the first thing he has done is sit before the cameras of Catalan public television to ensure that MWC 2021 will be held even though it cannot be convened in the first week of March As planned.

The Fira de Barcelona, ​​decked out for one of the last Mobile World Congress

Not only that, because reading between the lines of Hoffman’s words on TV3, several additional readings can be taken, and that is that the top president of the GSMA ensures that are already working on the 2021 edition of the Mobile World Congress, which will probably be a very different edition to what we are used to and that will definitely It will be held even if it has to be done « at another time of the year ».

Yes, there will be a Mobile World Congress 2021 and it will return to Barcelona, ​​a fair very different from what we are used to and it could move to other dates, with the confirmation that 75 of the 100 most important firms in the sector have already signed up for the event. event

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John Hoffman, during his interview with TV3

MWC21: 75 of the 100 most important companies in the sector are already signed up

After all the doubts raised after the cancellation of the event this year, and given the uncertain news about security at massive fairs like this one, John Hoffman himself wanted to reassure the sector and the Barcelona authorities, stating that it will be a somewhat different edition but it will be held, and that a good part of the space at the Fira de Barcelona is already reserved:

The show will not be canceled. If the opinions of scientists, politicians and especially if the legal reasons say that it is not possible to celebrate it in the first week of March, it will be held at some other time of the year.

The response has been extremely positive. We have reserved 80% of the space for next year, for MWC21, and we have 75% of the top 100 companies in the sector that have already signed their contract to be present at the congress.

John Hoffman, CEO of the GSMA

The truth is that the cancellation of the Mobile in 2020 has already been a hard blow for a GSMA that could not afford a new cancellation, and that had already offered attendees a refund of their tickets in addition to exhibitors the return or significant discounts in the next three years, also maintaining the frozen rates from the 2019 edition… It should also be remembered that the MWC has confirmed its headquarters in Barcelona until 2024.

Good news without a doubt for a sector that was waiting expectantly, especially this confirmation that 75 of the 100 largest companies in the industry trust to return to MWC21 and they have already signed their contracts, surely transferring part of what was disbursed in 2020. We will wait impatiently for our accreditations next year!

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