The leader of The Hurt Business, MVP recently spoke about the latest news from the Monday Night Raw show

Monday Night Raw superstar MVP recently spoke with Newsweek pro Philip Martinez. During the interview, the wrestler analyzed the last great phenomenon presented by WWE, Raw Underground. MVP spoke of the impact of The Hurt Business on the show, as well as the novelty of the concept, both for fans and for the talent of the company.

«It was a surprise for us too. Shane McMahon explained the concept and what he wanted us to do. I thought it was something fantastic. We are all competitive athletes in the art of combat. So it’s something that is great for us.

“It’s basically going to go and beat up the opponents, and it’s just what we do. As The Hurt Business we did a fantastic job and got a lot of positive feedback. But above all, the reception of Raw Underground has been favorable. And of course The Hurt Business going there and causing a great impact has been very favorable. I’m excited to see what’s next for Raw Underground. Because it’s a different approach with an original vibe, and that’s great, ”MVP said.

Another aspect discussed during the interview was the evolution of The Hurt Business in WWE. MVP revealed that the CEO of the company, Vince McMahon has a good opinion of the faction, at the same time that he spoke about the rumors of the group as a new version of Nation of Domination.

«It is something settled. At the time it was extraordinary. The wrestlers that made up the group are legends and Hall of Famers. I was more concerned with doing something new than reviving something that had already ended. I am excited about what we have done so far. It has been received in a good way, and even Vince is excited about it, so we are at the right point, “said MVP.

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