The former WWE MVP United States Champion has been interviewed recently.

Superstar of WWE RAW, MVP has been interviewed by the journalist Justin barrasso of Sports Illustrated and has talked about her relationship with him Chairman and CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon. The question posed to the former United States champion was about how Vince It has influenced her work over the years.

Next, we leave you with the words of Mvp on the subject:

It’s an interesting question. Vince is very demanding. I’ve always said this about Vince, he’s very tough, but it’s fair, of course to me. I remember the first time I was hired by WWE and I was doing segments with Matt Hardy in our rivalry. I remember Vince bringing the two of us together and he told us very specifically that when we were in those segments, to get involved a lot. He wanted us to participate. Until then I did not know that my role was talented, so I did not know that I was allowed to do that. But Vince was the one who opened the door for me, so I welcomed him with open arms. “

Mvp continued talking about her relationship with Vince McMahon:

«WWE is like the NFL of pro wrestling. It’s the biggest and strongest platform in the industry, so being able to learn from Vince McMahon and develop those skills as a wrestler and then move on elsewhere and grow was a great opportunity. When I got back recently, I understand what Vince wants and how he wants it. Vince is a perfectionist. Its influence is very great. I consider myself a person who always wants to improve, and I want to be involved in segments where I want to see myself on the same level as the rest of the talents, such as those on Monday Night RAW, so you can have the best experience you can achieve. . Those are things I’ve learned from Vince. “

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