MVP Launches Comment Against Hulk Hogan Calling It Racist | Fight News

The WWE legend Hulk Hogan was banished from the company for several years after an audio clip of racial slurs appeared and he admitted to being “racist to some degree.” He eventually returned to WWE and apologized, but there was obviously a lot of work to do.

MVP calls Hulk Hogan racist and repents

Many superstars have commented on the Hulkster about it. One of them was CM Punk who did not have the best things to say about Hulk Hogan as he had commented on the following when asked if he was a Hogan fan.

“I was never a boy from Hogan, I met him and now I like him less. Fuck him. “

Viking Raiders’ Erik uploaded a photo of himself and the Hulk Hogan on Instagram. I write about how amazing it was to meet your childhood hero.

“One of my earliest memories is sitting on the floor with my father watching Hulk Hogan on television. A year ago I met my childhood hero. And let me tell you something, brother, it was incredible ”

MVP when seeing this publication commented:

“And then I found out that he hates me and people who look like me.”

He immediately received many responses for this response. Where minutes later he deleted it and fans wondered what happened to the comment.

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