Interpol fans, or better said, Muzz fans, get excited. The independent super group led by Paul Banks has just shared a quarantine performance of their new song “Trinidad”.

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Featuring Banks alongside Josh Kaufman of Bonny Light Horseman and former The Walkmen drummer Matt Barrick, Muzz really surprised everyone with this new live video, as “Trinidad” has yet to be officially released.

“Trinidad” comes after the release of a few singles like “Bad Feeling”, “Broken Tambourine” and “Red Western Sky”. In this video, they share an acoustic version of the installment that we will listen to on their debut album recorded in their individual quarantine settings. Over there we see Paul Banks walking through a garden with a sign behind that says “there will be no miracles here.”

Paul Banks’ new band Muzz shares their intimate first live performance

When does the album come out !?

Some of you may already have the date tattooed, however, here we remind you that Muzz’s self-titled debut album will be released on June 6 via Matador.

“Trinidad” joins Bad Feeling as the only songs with a quarantine video. A little over a week ago, Muzz shared his first live performance with us who saw the members of the band playing from the cities where they are locked up: Banks in Edinburgh, Kaufman in Brooklyn and Barrick in Philadelphia.

Instagram @muzztheband

We talked to Paul Banks about Muzz!

A month ago, when the project started to emerge, we had a chance to talk to Paul Banks about Muzz. There he told us what was going on with his quarantine, but above all we entered his new band.

He told us about the origins, of his relationship with Josh Kaufman, about how did they decide to put the band together after rehearsal and much more. Listen to everything he told us here and continue down to enjoy “Trinidad”:

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