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Morata and Campello (Photo: Pablo Cuadra via .)

Álvaro Morata is being one of the great protagonists of the Eurocup. The national team player, criticized and vindicated in equal parts, has the unconditional support of his wife, the influencer Alice Campello (Italy, 1995), who does not miss a game in the front row.

The couple have three children in common and it is common for them to show affection on social networks and show the surprises and gifts they give each other, where red roses and champagne are never lacking.

Their love story was dazzling. Campello and Morata met in 2015, when the footballer lived in Italy, the influencer’s native country during his first time at Juventus. The two were clear that theirs was authentic, in fact, they have shared stories of their first dates on social networks and how the footballer drove for hours to be able to meet Campello.

The lovebirds were not long in taking steps to advance their relationship, and in 2016 the footballer asked Campello to marry him in an inconspicuous way: during a show of El Mago Pop. ”, Said the illusionist to Campello. Seconds later Morata knelt before the Italian and both merged into a hug.

After his signing for Real Madrid, Campello did not hesitate to move to Madrid with the footballer, where they have lived until 2020, when the couple returned to Turin after the incorporation of Morata to Juventus. Despite settling in the Spanish capital, the couple decided to say yes to the influencer’s native Venice in the summer of 2017.

The couple, on their wedding day (Photo: AwakeningGC Images)The couple, on their wedding day (Photo: AwakeningGC Images)

The couple, on their wedding day (Photo: AwakeningGC Images)

Surrounded by friends and family, the couple gave it their all in a celebration full of luxury, strolling through the canals of the Italian city aboard a ship called Amore. The waste was not surprising …

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