Mutua Madrid Open 2021: The magic of the fans returns from the hand of the Mutua Madrid Open

The Mutua Madrid Open will be the first planetary sporting event to be held in Spain with the public since the outbreak of the pandemic. Early march, was held at the WiZink Center in Madrid -an indoor venue- the Handball King’s Cup with a maximum of 1,500 fans per day.

That was the first major Spanish sport event with the public in 2021 but it had no global significance. The return of tennis to the Caja Mgica, with a reduced capacity of 4,800 spectators per day -in the recent Conde de God Trophy there were 1,000-It must be a milestone and even a global showcase for the normalization of sport in Spain in times of covid.

The tracks of the Magic Box are outdoors, although the three main courts have a retractable roof that allows them to be roofed in case the weather is bad. The world of sports, and especially that of football, looks with expectation at what happens these days in the Madrid tournament.

The temperature measurement at the entrance is included in the routine as well as the use of the mask, mandatory at all times. Disinfection of common areas will be permanent. Everything under strict control of the organization.

The distance between the localities will be controlled and each seat will have an individual identification. The organization has made every effort to prevent the entrance from becoming overcrowded.

The limitations affect commerce around the slopes, in common areas. The opening of shops has been reduced, also the stalls and leisure activities. But there will be ambient music, party air and places to eat and rest under the control of the measures imposed by the authorities.

The day does not end at dawn

The event is subject to current regulations in the Community of Madrid. The curfew from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day has conditioned the schedule of the sessions.

Each day start earlier in the Caja Mgica so that the presence of the spectator can cover the order of play until the closing, when in other editions it was common for some matches to end at dawn. Therefore, among other things, the competition will have more days.

While, players will experience the event in their own bubble similar to other competitions. They will have a private area, limited to the public and the media.

Staying in hotels that are practically closed to them and their coaches will have to travel in the vehicles authorized by the organization. In addition, every two days they will undergo PCR tests and will have practically no contact with the outside apart from that required by the event itself.

Meanwhile, the Madrid Regional Transport Consortium announced the launch of a public shuttle bus bound for the Caja Mgica to facilitate access to the tracker.